About Us

Our Philosophy and Beliefs

At Ballard Family Chiropractic, we believe....

  1. Health is synonymous with one word, FUNCTION!  How well our bodies function determine how truly well we are! It's about more than just "feeling good" or even feeling not good, it is about our body being fully connected! 
  2. Your brain, spinal cord and all your nerves control how your body works.  We experience life through our nervous system.  Everything we see, taste, touch, smell, feel, how tight our muscles are and even how well our organs work are all controlled by the brain, through our nerves and then reported back to the brain, through the nerves!  This ability to communicate, means that we have the ability to adapt to anything and you can continually maintain HEALTH! 
  3. Everyone deals with stress all day long.  The amount of stress you deal with can directly impact your health by overwhelming the ability of your body to adapt.  
  4. When the body is no longer able to adapt, we develop SUBLUXATIONS (what chiropractors treat).  If the body continues to be neglected and stressors are not removed, problems will become more common and chronic because our system is overwhelmed!
  5. Chiropractic care is essential to help remove stress from the body, allow the nervous system to be FULLY CONNECTED, and help restore integrity to our ability to adapt.  We believe that we cannot focus on treating symptoms alone, but must look at the body as a whole, self-healing system.  
  6. Everyone deserves the chance to live a life free from interference, continually pursuing TRUE HEALTH, and we can help!

Our Approach

Our approach is simple. We believe that health is our most valuable possession. While we generally meet people after they’ve developed symptoms, and lost their normal function and health, our commitment to helping is two-fold:

1. Repair and Restore

Most patients start care in our office because they have lost something.  Whether you're a parent with a fussy kid missing a decent nights sleep, a teenager struggling to focus in class, or simply frustrated by how difficult it's become to get out of bed in the morning, that's where we start .  We want to take a look "under the hood" at that nervous system and find out exactly where the body has been broken down and can no longer adapt.  Once we find that, we go to work! 

During this initial stage of intensive care, we have several obligations:

  1. Uncover the underlying cause of the health problem
  2. Develop a care plan to produce the fastest results possible
  3. Offer ways patients can participate in their recovery

It is important to understand that relief of symptoms often does not mean you are ‘fixed’. Again, symptoms mean that something was not FUNCTIONING at it's best.  Fortunately, as we move toward improved function, we almost always see that those things our patients lost, are gradually restored as the nervous system becomes more CONNECTED and FREE from INTERFERENCE.  Of course, along the way, we will be re-evaluating the connection of the nervous system by using technology aimed at measuring function.  Read more about that technology here. 

2. Wellness

Our Reparative and Restorative care has a clear and objective end point . Once we reach the goals we create together during your initial exam, consultation and subsequent progress evaluations, we encourage our patients to achieve the highest levels of health they can. Through educational opportunities (like this website, our Facebook page, our live videos, and public workshops) we make sure you understand the role of Chiropractic care in lifetime wellness. Our desire is to see our patients abandon the prevailing sickness care model of health (waiting for symptoms and then taking action), in favor of actively pursuing and maintaining health! 

We are a Team!

Regardless of where you are with your current health or how far off that idea of being free of not just symptoms, but being at OPTIMAL FUNCTION may seem, please understand that we will do everything within our power to serve you and move you toward those goals!  At Ballard Family Chiropractic, we care about 2 things above all

  1. Your health
  2. Our integrity and reputation

We are here to give you the highest quality of care.  We promise to make recommendations based on YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS to help you live the life you want! It’s your body, your health and your future.  Ready to begin moving towards being your best?  Contact our office today to set up an appointment and start taking control of your health!

Services and Products


At Ballard Family Chiropractic we recognize that every person is unique. For that reason, we offer several adjusting styles, from table-assisted, to manual and instrument adjusting, Dr. Ballard is skilled to best meet your individual needs.  As a Pediatric Chiropractor, Dr. Ballard primarily focuses on low/no-force adjusting for children.

(While our adjusting bays are semi-private, we also have a closed room for individuals that require more privacy or for children that may become over-stimulated, simply make the request and we are happy to accommodate you or your child's needs.)  


Dr. Ballard's primary focus is on restoring normal function.  As such, she recognizes that there are cases in which an individual's health needs to be supported in multiple ways.  While looking for answers for her patients, Dr. Ballard found Functional Medicine (FM).  The goal of FM is to evaluate the health of an individual through specific testing, and then support that individual with targeted nutritional changes and supplementation.  This way of looking at health to find dysfunction and then CORRECT it, instead of masking symptoms with medications, resonated with Dr. Ballard at the deepest level.  To best evaluate your nutritional health, she relies on blood work, saliva testing (hormones), and hair analysis.  She makes recommendations based on her testing, and as with Chiropractic care, re-evaluates for improved function to be sure the body is being RESTORED!  For more information about what conditions FM can help with, please email info@ballardfamilychiro.com with your concerns/problems and we will get back with you ASAP.  Please also watch our Facebook page for videos which explain what and how we do what we do!  

Are you looking for answers but have found none?  We can help, call today!  


In order to help you achieve your health goals, we carry the following products:

  1. Standard Process (Vitamins, Minerals, Fish Oils, Probiotics, and condition-specific whole food supplements)
  2. Mediherb (tablets and custom blended herbal tonics)
  3. Herbs for Kids
  4. Divine Nature
  5. Natural Vitality’s Calm and Calm Plus
  6. OrthoMolecular (SophytoPro gluten-free skin care systems)
  7. Advanced Naturals
  8. Designs for Health
  9. Biofreeze
  10. Ice Packs

The staff

Dr. Abbie Ballard

Dr. Abbie Ballard | Doctorate of Chiropractic (D.C.)

Dr. Abbie (Fox) Ballard was born and raised on a farm in Shelbyville, Illinois.  Knowing that she wanted to be a doctor, she decided to get a jump on her education and took her first classes through Lake Land College when she was just 15.  She continued night classes and summer school through Lake Land, before enrolling in the Pre-Medicine program at SIU-Carbondale in 2003.

While earning her first Bachelor of Science degree in Carbondale, she worked as a research assistant for Dr. Michael Collard and Dr. Jodi Huggenvik, studying cancer and gene mapping in their labs.  She also worked as a pharmacy technician for Wal-Mart, dispensing medications to hundreds of people each day.  It was through these experiences with medicine, and the science behind the medicine, that Dr. Ballard started to change her belief system about “healthcare” and traditional medicine.  Prescribing and dispensing pills that address chronic symptoms, without addressing the cause of disease and illness gave her pause.

Her search for better options to regain and maintain health and wellness lead Dr. Ballard to Logan College of Chiropractic, where she earned a second Bachelor’s degree, as well as her Doctorate of Chiropractic (D.C.).  During her 3 years at Logan, Dr. Ballard completed additional internships in radiology and rehabilitation.  She also completed postgraduate certification in Acupuncture and as an Internal Health Specialist. Dr. Ballard is currently working towards her degree in Functional Medicine and becoming board certified in clinical nutritionist (through the ACBN).  

Dr. Ballard's biggest passion, however, is taking care of children.  She is the area's only Certified Pediatric Chiropractor and has been building a practice full of kids for the last 4 years.  She works together with local medical doctors, OBGYNs and lactation consultants to help bring children closer to their full potential at each visit.  Her mission is growing a healthier community, one family at a time! 

 Learn more about Dr. Ballard and why she is a chiropractor here! 

Sadie Ruholl

Sadie Ruholl | Front Desk Coordinator

Sadie developed an interest in wellness after experiencing the holistic benefits of yoga. Inspired by the art and science of the mind-body connection, she decided to pursue a career in massage and bodywork. Since 2009 she has helped people improve their well-being through therapeutic touch. She specializes in aromatherapy and hot stone massage and enjoys providing prenatal massage. In 2017, Sadie earned her Bachelor degree in Massage Therapy with a minor in Healthcare Management where she developed an appreciation for the business and administrative side of healthcare. She is excited to be a part of the Ballard Family Chiropractic team, contributing to its mission of building a healthier community. In addition to being an advocate of holistic health and wellness, Sadie fancies spending time with her beautiful family, reading, illustration, cultivating kinships, and napping.