Foundation for Wellness Education

Dr. Ballard is the area representative for the Foundation for Wellness Education. The Foundation for Wellness Education is a service organization that seeks to inform the community. Through educational workshops and programs we provide health and wellness education via civic groups and organizations, clubs, churches, businesses, and schools.

We believe that every individual should lead a life of wellness. Unfortunately, most people do not fully understand what true wellness is, or the steps to make living an empowered life a reality. Our volunteers are all doctors who have a mission to share their wellness knowledge and expertise. Thanks to these dedicated and hard working volunteers, we are reaching out to Americans across the country and teaching life-changing wellness principles encompassing topics such as how the body works, family wellness, health for children, stress management, nutrition and workplace safety. Since our inception we have educated thousands about the amazing benefits of living a healthier lifestyle.

We have seen families amazed by their new-found energy after implementing common-sense nutritional strategies. We have seen businesses flourish after adopting an ergonomics training program. We have seen church communities revitalized by a new appreciation for the marvel of creation that is their bodies.

The key to this success is timely information and practical wellness fundamentals, given in an interactive, easy to follow and easy to understand format.

Regardless of where your community is located, we can deliver. And, not only do we deliver…we deliver at no expense to your business or organization. No obligation, no hidden costs, just the most up to date health information your community needs to live the wellness lifestyle.

Let us help to make your little corner of America a healthier place to live, work and play!

Wellness Education The Altamont Community High School Advanced Health class welcomed Dr. Abbie Ballard on Thursday, December 12, 2013 to be our guest speaker. She spoke with the students on how Chiropractic improves your total health, her personal journey in health care, and educating yourself for a better lifestyle. In her speaking engagement she highly involved the students with hands on learning and demonstrations. The students learned specifically about the nervous system and left with terrific handouts and brochures. As a health educator with more than 10 years in the education field, I highly recommend Dr. Abbie Ballard to speak with a health class at any level and to staff members about the human frame, diet, and prevention of disease. Respectfully, Kevin Schultz Altamont CUSD #10 District Health Educator